27 September 2014

......simple character designs..

Here are some character designs I made using basic shapes and a limited colour palette.

29 June 2014

......HUGE spider..

Here's a wee doodle based on my encounter with a HUGE spider this morning. I've finally recovered from the ordeal! 

28 June 2014

.....headless horseman..

I haven't blogged in soooooo long. I've been busy moving, and settling into a new job!
Here's a wee sketch to keep the old blog going|!

20 March 2014

......I HATE moving..

We're moving........again! The cat is not pleased with me......In fact, I think I may have packed her?

6 March 2014

......ZBrush sculpt WIP..

I've finally been messing around in ZBrush after having it for over 6 months! I'm really enjoying it...still learning! Here is a work in progress of my first proper sculpt!
Comments & critique are always welcome!